Buying Tips

Buying a Mac can be a fun expirience, but, only if you get the right computer so, I have put togther a few thing to think about.

-Desktops are MUCH more powerful than Laptops and have more powerful (and are sometimes more interchangable) Video Cards than laptops.

-Laptops are great for Wirelessly surfing the web around the house and at work.

-Laptops are extremely handy for business trips ad for bringing from to the office and back

-If you are doing any of the following an eMac would probably be the best for you. iTunes (listening to music), eMail, internet browsing, word processing, iPhoto (or light photoshop), building websites, chatting, garageband (music recording), or iMovie (home movie editing) NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF AN EMAC

-2 computers I would never buy at this point in time are the iMac and the PowerMac G4. Because they are both WAY over priced for what you get

-You can get a 12" iBook almost equally equipped to a 12" PowerBook for about $200 less.

My 2 favourite set-ups:

eMac (High-end) $999
12" iBook G4 800MHz (Refurbished) $750

PowerMac G5 2.0 Ghz (Mid) $2499
20" NEW AppleCinema Display $1299
12" PowerBook 1.33 Ghz $1799

My personal philosophy is that you should get a small screen on your laptop (great protibility) and get a computer with a big screen at home. There are some exceptions but generally that is what I believe. P.S. Always check Apple's refurbished store for great deals.